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The total number of children in Kerala is 34,72,955, with the highest number (5,74,041) in Malappuram and the lowest (92,324) in Wayanad.

Malappuram also has the highest growth rate of child population (4.08%) while Pathanamthitta has the lowest (-23.76%).

The census assesses the child sex ratio in Kerala as 964.

Pathanamthitta district with 976 has the highest and Thrissur with 950 has the lowest child sex ratio.

The urban population in Kerala has grown to 47.7 per cent of the total, representing a decadal increase of 21.74 per cent since 2001.

As many as 1,59,34,926 persons in the State are living in urban areas while the rural population is 1,74,71,135, representing 52.3 per cent of the total.

The highest percentage of urban population (68.07) is reported from Ernakulam district and the lowest (3.86) is in Wayanad. km is reported from Thiruvananthapuram district while Idukki with 255 has the lowest density.

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