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BY: MATTHEW CHIN Sometimes sex lives can become more habitual than sensual.If your sex life feels like work, you may just need a vacation.

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A study by OLPRO involving 500 couples who went camping found that 80 per cent of couples said that their sex life increased by double, and over 85 per cent said that less distractions and decreased stress led to a better time between the sheets.

The main cause of the lacking sexual satisfaction is that stress is a sure-fire-way to kill your sex life.

The pressure of juggling your busy work with family and children without time for yourself can increase your cortisol levels and suppresses your sex hormones, according to Huffington Post.

Not only does stress affect sex life, but frequency of intercourse is strongly linked to how satisfied couples are with their relationship.

In a study conducted by Pub Med, about 4,000 men and women were asked whether they were satisfied with the frequency of their sex lives and 54 per cent of men, and 42 per cent of women were unfulfilled.

Other studies have shown that there’s a chemical process that the body undergoes when it’s in a natural environment.

Even office spaces with a naturalistic setting can have a mental effect on how you internally feel.

By going on a camping trip surrounded by nature, it can help couples focus on what really matters: your relationship, according to psychologist Barbara Bishop.

“Getting out in the great outdoors allows us to leave many of life’s distractions and worries behind.

It gives us the opportunity to reconnect with our partners and recharge our relationships in a very meaningful way,” Bishop said.

The benefits of a camping trip can last even after you return home, as 95 per cent of couples have improved their sex life after the camping trip.