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Since signing it affects your legal rights, you should make sure you understand it first, and consider your options, as you should when contemplating the use of any service.I don't work for Valve Corporation either.) You can search here to see what games (and other content) are available through Steam.Just remember that not all games on Steam are necessarily available for your platform (especially if your platform is Linux-based).

There is a saying (which I think Anything you want to use your computer for, you use some program to do it.The program may run on a particular OS, or be provided as part of a particular OS, or have no support on that OS at all.But what matters about an OS is whether or not you can run programs that provide the functionality you need. It is a distribution platform, sort of like the i Tunes Music Store, but focused on games instead.If there are, Steam might be the best and most convenient way to get them.Or, often, there are other alternatives, which you might prefer.

This mostly depends on the application, rather than the Steam service itself.(The Steam service also has a Subscriber Agreement.I've heard Steam is recently available for GNU/Linux. Whether or not a developer should distribute a game over Steam depends on many factors and is a highly subjective question. What should I know about Steam, as an user of Ubuntu? It is interesting and important that Steam is being ported to GNU/Linux. Is Steam just for people who develop and play games?For , however, it's usually pretty simple to figure out if you might benefit from subscribing to, installing, and using Steam: Are there programs you want to run, that are available for your operating system, and that are distributed on Steam?