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The Messages Women DON’T Respond To – Video Transcript: I sat down the other night with one of my girlfriends who just started online dating, and I helped her sort through and respond to the pile of messages she received.

Some of them were actually pretty good, but most of them were absolute duds. It’s hard to believe that online dating has been around now for over 20 years. The world of online dating has grown and evolved a considerable amount since the first dating site emerged back in 1995, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Talking About Your Ex on a First Date – Video Transcript: A lot of you guys are great at first dates, some of you, not so much.

You’ve got good intentions, and you’re a great guy, but your nerves get the best of you.

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– Video Transcript: What you write about yourself in your dating profile says a lot about you, and unfortunately for those of you who use cliche phrases, it’s not saying something good. People ask all the time “Does online dating really work? You’ve got to keep in mind though, that a dating app is not a “one size fits all” type of tool – just because a dating app is popular or has good reviews that doesn’t mean it’ll work for…

Shirtless Photos – Video Transcript This week’s video is for all you fit and sexy men who post shirtless photos to your online dating profiles.

It’s true most of us are attracted to healthy people who take care of their bodies and are in relatively good shape. Have you ever wondered what women think when they read your profile?

Well that’s exactly the point of online dating, to…

For example, while 2/3rds of women smile in their profile photos, 2/3rds of men don’t. Recent research reveals a few surprising truths about online dating profile photos and online dating success… Many women, though, merely smile in a friendly way in their pictures without the appearance of any romance or flirtiness.Also, a flirty expression is rare among both men and women. ) So, what’s the right way to go about choosing the best profile photo? Men’s online dating photos are judged very differently than women’s, when it comes to smiles and facial expressions. Often, they also look slightly away from the camera. Women respond best to men’s photos when the men don’t actually smile or make eye contact with the camera.Well, if you use cliche phrases like the ones listed below, you’re about to find out.The main problem with cliche statements is that they dilute your uniqueness – using descriptions and phrases that are seen over and over again in other… – Video Transcript: If you hit it off with a woman you meet online, you may start to wonder after a few dates “Am I the only person she is dating”. Until you’ve both discussed and decided that you’d…Handling Rejection – Video Transcript: You’ve probably noticed that for men and women, online dating is a much different experience.Women get a constant flow of incoming messages without any effort – and they really don’t need to reach out to anyone because they‘ve got enough messages in their inbox to keep them busy. Spending Too Much Time Online – Video Transcript: A lot of times, when I ask people if they’ve ever tried online dating, I’ll hear responses like “Nah, I’d rather meet someone face to face” or “I think it’s better to meet people in the real world”.