transas tx 97 updating guide Sintinel not updating after release

Did something bug out on my end or am I able to manually add it in?

The chat page is best for quick help - though you have to be patient there.

sintinel not updating after release-80

As for death message: check the Sentinel file, there's an option for that.I had two main questions/concerns about this plugin: 1) How do you turn off the death messages?I can disable the player death messages, however whenever an NPC dies their death is displayed in chat. 2) Can Sentinel integrate with Towny much like Sentry did?The ability to create town specific guards would be fantastic, but I've yet to see a method to do so. I tried the help chat website but was given no answers.Note that the “Out of Power In” numbers are relative to a 1125 CPU robot.

A 1750 robot has 25% more power and power regeneration.For example, a 1750 robot with max Leviathan’s will run out of power in 5.68 seconds (6.68 with a power module).Created by mcmonkey4eva on behalf of the Citizens and Denizen teams. In your file, toggle the setting that says "workaround damage" to true, and restart your server! channels=citizens ( the channel #citizens) Citizens2 (NPC engine): Dev/Citizens2/ Denizen (Powerful script engine): Script/Denizen-For-Bukkit I assume it's not possible to use Sentinel on spigot 1.8.x in combination with Citizens2 for 1.7.9, but will you make a Sentinel version for spigot 1.8.8?SEE MORE INFORMATION. Due to several plugins, I'm unable to update the whole server sadly.You may have to delete your config and allow it to regenerate if you have an older config version, or you can quickly snag up-to-date config file data from course, this option only works if you have a Sentinel version that has that in it.(Which might be 1.10 only, not sure if that was available in 1.9.4? I did have a problem however in that there's no option to remove death messages for me in the config? The only options I can change is the Sentinel defaults settings, random, the update rate, and the config version.