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At first, she appeared as just a guest, but soon she was established as a permanent member.

Song Ji-hyo (lahir Cheon Seong-im lahir 15 Agustus 1981; umur 35 tahun) adalah aktris asal Korea Selatan.

Ia dikenal sejak berperan sebagai ballerina Min Hyo Rin dalam serial televisi Princess Hours, Lady Yesoya dalam serial televisi Jumong (MBC, 2006) dan sebagai Ratu di A Frozen Flower.

Dia adalah member tetap dan satu-satu nya member perempuan di Running Man, awalnya dia hanya menjadi tamu saja selama 4 episode yaitu episode 2-5 namun karena PD Running Man tertarik dengan nya akhir nya di episode 6 dia resmi menjadi member tetap Running Man.

Dia dijuluki Monday Couple bersama Kang Gaeri di Running Man.

A representative of C-Jes Entertainment carefully stated, “Song Ji Hyo and Baek Chang Joo are dating, but they are still in the early stages of their relationship.

Because this is a private personal matter, we have no way of knowing when and how they started dating.” The representative then declined to discuss the matter further.

So what will happened to Monday Couple on SBS Running Man?

The show was based off of a very popular Korean manhwa, or comic book, and proved to be just as enjoyable to fans.

The show’s success helped to make her more recognizable and gained her a fan following.

In 2007, she appeared on a television show and in a film.

Then, in 2008, she got another big acting break when she was cast as the queen in the film .