Speed dating fundraising ideas

Give professional pairs around eight minutes to mingle before calling for a switch. Get into those skinny jeans early and stay that way with a weight loss challenge fundraiser.Also called a weight loss-a-thon, weight loss challenges are fundraising events for those of us looking to live healthier lifestyles.

Help strengthen your community of donors by bringing together a group of like-minded individuals to mingle in an interesting format, all for a good cause.Promote the event across your various communication channels, and especially on social media.Speed networking is likely to draw a slightly younger crowd as its greatest appeal is to young professionals. Set up a series of two person seating arrangements.Break the group in half and designate one half as the seated section and the second half as the shifting section.If you want creative, look no further than speed networking.

This fundraising event combines three separate types of fundraisers into one super, spectacular fundraising extravaganza!I say that jokingly, but speed networking truly does combine three individually strong fundraising events into one night to remember.As a fundraising organization, you should be able to appreciate the concept of “it’s who you know” as well anyone.Find health experts like personal trainers and nutritionists to volunteer their services in-kind to help guide the competition and make sure everyone is making the right decisions for their own needs.As we round the corner towards fall, we’re harshly reminded that the joyous vacations of summer are a thing of the past.Our wanderlust sets in and we start making plans for our next big trip. Offer up the trip of a lifetime with a vacation giveaway! The biggest obstacle you’ll face is securing enough items to put together an entire trip package.