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Typing a space following the name of a stored procedure or a parenthesis “(“ activates the parameter info option of Intelli Sense.

The Parameter Info not only provides the name of the required parameters but also their datatypes as well as the default values which will be used should the parameter be omitted.

Much to my disappointment the initial version of Intelli Sense left a lot to be desired.From issues like just not popping up at all, to not working on remote servers and sometimes picking incorrect entries could make it a bit tedious to use and for those of us who started out on SQL Server before the advent of Intelli Sense it was easier just to revert back to good old fashioned typing from memory.I am happy to report however, that there has been great strides in Intelli Sense to such an extent that if I suddenly had to live without it, I would be really really sad and my productivity would probably be affected somewhat as well.Other functions such as delimiter matching and code snippets are always available.Pressing CTRL + J will bring up a list of all members that are valid for the specific key word typed.

In the below example the list displays all valid members which can be used after the keyword EXEC.

Parameter info lists the parameters required for a function or stored procedure.

In this article I would like to do a quick overview of Intelli Sense, how to use it and also shed some light on those moments when Intelli Sense just doesn’t seem to be working.

Intelli Sense for SQL Server Management Studio which was first introduced in SQL 2008 is an intelligent code completion mechanism which increases development productivity by making code snippets, definitions and syntax checking available to you without having to leave the editor.

Intelli Sense is enabled by default but can be disabled by going to Tools ➜ Options ➜ Text Editor ➜ Transact SQL ➜ Intelli Sense.

Certain functions such as List Members, Parameter Info, and Quick Info List are only available when you are connected to a SQL Server instance or when you are working within a database project.