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The best part is that each book is reviewed by one of our very own student leaders. Crossroads is the community of college-aged people at The Moody Church.We’re made up of students from campuses throughout Chicago who have a passion to know, serve, and worship Jesus Christ with our lives.

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Sometimes, Christ followers can act like the guy who is waiting for the perfect girl.We will “date” the church instead of faithfully committing our lives.We hop from one service to another, taking good teaching from one place and incredible worship from the another, without committing our selves to love, give, and serve alongside a community of believers.After a frank conversation about his distance, she learned that he held a list of the perfect woman in his mind— and she didn’t quite measure up. The issue wasn’t with my friend, but with his inability to commit.His unrealistic expectations left him always assuming the grass was proverbial greener.

While the problem of commit-phobic men could be a blog all by itself, I’m not here today to pick on my brothers in Christ.

I do, however, want to acknowledge how all of us, can from time to time, do the same thing with the church.

”– that’s a question many people ask especially during the college years, and sometimes we can feel paralyzed in decision making as we seek answers.

Kevin De Young’s book “Just Do Something” provides biblical and practical help! Crossroads has an ever-growing list of our most recommended books that we believe every Christian college student should read!

In our day, perhaps the single biggest problem facing college-age young adults is the onslaught of sexual immorality and the day to day fight against lust. Looking for a great read that will help you grow spiritually?

Crossroads has an ever growing list of our most recommended books that every Christian college student should read.