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This answer is fluid.....I mean is that it depends on the person.

There is no "right" answer as everyone will have their own opinion based on their own experiences.

Her trainer was supicious that she had been trained before time, but she kept her promise to her family and told them she hadn't.

As a teen, she too began wearing her family's symbol and started letting her hair grow longer Adult- As an adult, Lillith had already earned her warrior markings.

She has let her hair grow long and usually wears it in a ponytail.

She discovered that being part fantasm made her body unable to age further after she reached the age of 25 and that she wouldn't be able to die of age.

She lives mostly in the shadows and are belived by most only to be a tale.

She's hard to reconize unless you see her at full power.She has many admires but they never reconize her since it's been a while since she last used her full power.She likes hearing the tales about herself, about how she only appears when abselutely needed, how many people admire her, and so on.Hi I'm somewhat a new member here so I hope this is not a repeated discussion.I'm bit puzzled about this specially when I add a new book to my shelf: what the age group of young adult fiction? But I've seen heard some categorize it as 14 to 21, ten years up to the age of twenty and even the ages of twelve and up. Also is it the ages of the characters that decide or the issues?I don't think a book like Boy In the Striped Pajamas can be called a children's novel although the character is only nine year old.