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You think you are hitting it off with a guy or just having a casual chat when suddenly you are bombarded with the ultimate turnoff when he sends the galling text ‘send me some pics’, the fact that he follows you on Instagram notwithstanding. I am all for steamy sexts and X-rated virtual foreplay.However, just because I have fully embraced my sextuality and my Instagram page might prove appealing to purveyors of soft core pornography doesn’t mean I am willing to engage every Tom, Dick and Harry in a naughty banter.

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I cannot tell you the number of times guys I do not know have tried to pressure me into sending them naked pictures!

I don’t know where these men get off begging women for nudes after a ten second chat.

And no, the see-no-evil monkey emoji you have included at the end does not mitigate the fact that you just straight up asked me for a picture of my breasts even though we have no prior mutual relationship.

It is never the husband, the boyfriend or the fiancé who asks you for nudes.

Millennial men are the reason today’s dating culture is so messed up.

For some reason I will never understand, some of these men deem it perfectly reasonable to beg and pester random women for nude pictures.Nowadays, you cannot chat with a guy for two minutes without him asking you to send him some ‘sexy pics’ even if he barely knows you.Then he has the nerve to get mad if you turn him down.It is some creepy dude you met on Facebook who seemed decent at the beginning.It is annoying and offensive when you automatically assume a woman will send you naked pictures of herself when you have no kind of relationship whatsoever with her. With all the free porn going around on the internet, it boggles my mind why some men will keep badgering you for body shots. And on that note, sending us pictures of your junk does not make us want to reciprocate. And again, gentlemen it’s not just annoying, those manners will take you to hell!shameless Freaks If a man is jumping the gun and asking you for nudes after two dates, he is not boyfriend material, and chances are he is getting plenty of nudes from other girls as well.