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is a leading London-based publisher of city guides, such as its flagship Time Out London magazine.

Launched in 1968, Time Out London provides a comprehensive guide to that city's cultural events, as well as television listings, guides to shopping, and news features.

Elliott at first sold advertising for the paper but soon after took over as editor. As he told The Sunday Times: "When I got my hands on Unit, I took the decision that I would be going nowhere fast if I just printed 500 copies to circulate around university, so I printed 4,000 copies.There were 20 places in London that I knew would take it on sale or return and I just persuaded people to take it.I knew I had to make it appeal beyond the student audience and secured interviews with Yoko Ono and Jimi Hendrix.The company produces a wide range of annual London-specific titles, including the Student Guide, Eating & Drinking, Pubs & Bars, London for Children, and the Time Out Film Guide.The company's latest annual publication, Gay London, is slated to be launched in 2005. The company also produces a wide range of tourist guide books covering more than 40 cities worldwide, with a total circulation of more than 350,000.

In the early 2000s, Time Out has also moved to expand its coverage to include the wider U. The Time Out International Eating & Drinking Guides series covers such markets as Barcelona, Rome, Edinburgh, Brussels, New York, and Istanbul.Other guides include Cheap Eats in London, Europe by Air, and Eating & Drinking in Great Britain & Ireland.Time Out has also expanded internationally, launching the English-language Time Out Paris in 1993, and forming a partnership to launch its Time Out New York edition in 1995.The company prepared to launch a Chicago edition in 2005, and editions for Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Toronto are planned.At the same time, Time Out has licensed its format for local language versions in foreign markets, including Beijing, Shanghai, Mumbai, Tel Aviv, Athens, Cyprus, Mexico City, St. Time Out founder and owner Tony Elliott remains in control of the group, which posts sales of approximately £20 million (.4 million).Listing Culture in the 1970s While studying French at England's Keele University, Tony Elliott became involved in the campus arts newspaper, Unit, in the late 1960s.