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You have an Action Girl, who may also be One of the Boys. There is no rule that a heroine cannot have feelings and express them and neither is there a rule against kicking ass in a skirt or partaking in girlish pastimes.

Gradually, the Action Girl is seeing significantly less . This trope is not about any Action Girl who shows "female" emotions or likes girly-girl dresses.

Soften her tough image to something more fitting for the 18-35 male demographic.

She was not put on this earth to serve the interests of the Avatar.True, the Avatar was one of her nearest and dearest friends but she didn't take orders from anyone.Whether it was in the name of justice or not, even if Aanf had the world's best interest at heart, she was not at his disposal.For a tomboyish woman who still has a more girlish side, see Tomboy with a Girly Streak.Contrast with Xenafication, which is the exact opposite.

Stifling a sob,she sank upon her knees,to the floor of her honeymoon suite.

Slowly, she brought her forehead to the cold floor & in her grief, she allowed herself to cry. A great distance away, Aunt Wu's words echo in his mind."You're future is full of struggle and anguish, most of it, self-inflicted."[Tokka][Ch.13 up]As Toph stomped her way through the streets of Ba Sing Se, she could feel her irritation turn to white hot anger.

Remember, there is absolutely no overlap between these two tropes.

If this is done to a male character in a Slash Fic, it may be part of Wimpification.

If the girl used to be an active character but now is just the trope is Men Act, Women Are.

For girls that are both badass and feminine, see Girly Bruiser.