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The idea of some of the rumored couples proved to be popular with certain fans and many people were left hoping the rumors would be confirmed.

Check out this list of “7 Dating Rumors We Wish Had Been True.” Taecyeon (2PM) and Jessica Jung Rumors about these two started floating around as early as 2010.

Even though they denied it and claimed to only be very close friends, the rumors still continued to spread after they were spotted having coffee together in Japan.

Part of being a popular celebrity in South Korea means having people watch your every move, reporting on the places you visit, the things you wear and the friends you have.

Out of all the rumors, the ones that tend to spread the most are ones related to dating.

In the past, there have been a multitude of celebrity dating rumors which have spread online.

Some of them have been seemingly far-fetched, while others appeared to have been true.

JYP Entertainment immediately addressed the rumors and denied they were true.

They said the two artists were nothing more than close friends and get along very well, as do the rest of their artists in the company.

Despite the denial, there are still fans who believe they were in a long term relationship at the time.

Both of their labels denied the rumors but this is definitely one of the couples we wish had been confirmed as having a real life relationship.

After all, wouldn’t it have been great to see a JYP–SM couple?

Seulong (2AM) and Sohee (Wonder Girls) Back in 2012, news suddenly broke that Seulong and Sohee had been caught dating.

Netizens immediately started their investigations into the matter and found various posts and things which seemed to prove the couple had been dating since 2010.