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If only Jill Kargman, author and creator/star of Bravo’s first scripted comedy, Odd Mom Out, and the series’ showrunners — Sex and the City writers/producers and longtime BFFs Julie Rottenberg and Elisa Zuritsky — had the time to sit down and share their Hollywood experiences with everyone.They don’t, of course — that whole creating a TV series thing — so the next best thing is sharing our recent chat with the trio behind Odd Mom Out, the funny, charming, sometimes naughty, always endearing look at life on the uber-upper crusty Upper East Side of Manhattan.(And, SATC fans, we’re betting you’ll be able to guess exactly which character Rottenberg and Zuritsky are talking about when they share their story of the most inane note they ever got from a network executive.)How did the show come together, how did you all come together to make it?Ever wondered what the ladies of The Talk and recent co-host, The Bold and the Beautiful's Heather Tom (Katie Logan), would chat about if the cameras weren't rolling?Now's your chance to find out, because Sheryl Underwood and the Emmy-winning soap star hosted an uncensored after-broadcast chat for fans in which they discuss a few topics not exactly appropriate for national TV.

Topics include their alcoholic beverages of choice; how much longer Tom thinks her real-life son, Zane, will continue appearing on B&B; how to deal with crazy fans; purposefully knocking people over in church; and more -- nothing was off-limits during Underwood and Tom's entertaining chat, which you can view below.

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