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By using the tools and FL DMV information we provide, you will feel confident and prepared for your next visit to your local DMV in Florida.We are your comprehensive source for FLHSMV information about all things regarding your driver’s license, including applying for a new FL driver’s license, renewing or replacing a driver’s license and updating your information.DMV.com’s Florida DMV education center also offers assistance to drivers looking for driver’s ed courses, as well as those who are seeking to improve their skills with DMV practice tests and traffic school.We also offer additional FLHSMV services online, such as ordering a driving record, obtaining vehicle history reports and more FL DMV services.For a full list of all of our Florida Department of Motor Vehicles services, continue reading below.

To get a Florida DMV driver’s license as a first-time driver, or if you are a current driver looking to renew or replace an FL DMV driving license, then you can find all the information you need here.

At the DMV in Florida, it is required that all vehicles be registered before operating on the road.

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Drivers must pass a Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles written exam to be eligible for a license to drive.

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