Updating ipod without losing proir

The following guide will outline the steps necessary to preserver older versions of Minecraft Pocket Edition for i OS that you have purchased from the Apple App Store, back up the worlds you have created when playing, and restore both prior version fo the game as well as the worlds that you created with that version of the game.

Before you perform any of these steps, it is highly recommended that you backup your device to over the wire to i Cloud or locally to i Tunes.

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Even if you're using i Cloud to back up your device.

It's really a good idea just in general to trigger a manual backup through i Tunes before attempting Take this with a grain of salt, but most of the people I've spoken with who have had their phones and i Pads drop into Recovery Mode have had the problem doing an Over The Air (OTA) backup — that is, they saw the update was available on their phone, waited until they got on Wi-Fi, then began the update.

Another way to do it is a little more old-fashioned: Use i Tunes on your Mac or PC as the conduit to manage the update. Bottom line: If something goes wrong with your i OS 7.1.2 update — or system update, have a recent backup to recover from.

Tether your device to your Mac using a sync cable and handle the update through i Tunes instead of doing it like some crazy magician, using nothing but the air and invisible radio waves. If a problem happens during the update, having that recent backup readily available changes the situation from a crisis to a minor inconvenience.

And really, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

If your household is like mine, then there is a buzz in the air that has had everyone going crazy, and that buzz is Minecraft, a game where you collect and break apart blocks that you then use to build houses and other structures within a virtual world.That buzz has reached a fever pitch now that Mojang has just released an update to its i OS app.As with any app, sometimes the update comes with its share of new bugs (see chart below).So a good rule of thumb before updating is to save and backup your worlds — since neither Apple(s AAPL) nor Mojang will do it for you in this release.The game has grown into a farming and hunting game where players spend a considerable amount of time growing and expanding their worlds: so much time, in fact, that knowing how to save and back up your worlds should become a routine part of your Minecraft gaming experience.While there are plenty of online forums, wikis and guides that can walk you through steps to set up and maintain online servers for the computer version of the game, there is not much information on how to preserver and maintain the mobile version of the game.