Updating marklin central station 60213

The Central Station has a built-in USB host (for a mouse, keyboard, or USB stick) as well as a network connection.

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The locomotive display can be done with coloured pictures.

Further, the central station possesses an integrated Märklin digital-locomotive database as well as 2 in-built locomotive card readers (for storing the locomotive data on a loco-card or for quick call of the locomotive by plugging the loco-card).

mfx-locomotives are detected automatically and incorporated in the loco-list with all their features.

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By Frostie from Birmingham, Alabama on 11/1/2008 I never realized how nice it wouldbe to have a mouce to control my MRR. Had the MFX problem, but Dealer helped me contact Tom Catherall. Description The central station combines along with the widespread protocols Motorola, mfx and DCC also a large colour touch-screen with 2 throttles for an easy and convenient control of the locomotives.The Central Station combines 2 locomotive controllers for easy, convenient control of locomotives, in addition to a large color touch screen.The representation of locomotives can be done with color images.Furthermore, the Central Station has a built-in Märklin Digital locomotive database as well as 2 built-in locomotive card readers (for saving locomotive data on a locomotive card or for quickly calling up a locomotive by inserting its card in the reader).There is also a powerful booster for providing power to the layout for train and accessory current, 20 Keyboards for controlling up to 320 solenoid accessories, a track diagram control board as well as a route controller (including shuttle train control), all of this built into the Central Station. with the optional cable (60123) several Central Stations (60213) can be operated together on a layout, whereby one Central Station acts as the master controller, and the others act as slave controllers.