Updating modded psp

The PSP console is one of the coolest handheld gaming consoles ever, and although we love it the way it is, we cannot keep ourselves from trying and modding it one way or another.

updating modded psp-83

Image Credit This is a promotional PSP that was to publicize Warhammer 40K and along with this cool PSP mod, a Nintendo DS one was created.

It is a great new look that is both refreshing and may combine the Warhammer 40K fans with the Sony die hard fans…maybe it could be a beautiful friendship.

Image Credit In case you love the PSP but wish it could feel a little more like a true PS3 Controller, then check out this cool mod from Ben Heck.

Until then, here are two PSP concepts (one is top image above) that may seem pretty innovative, but not both are as cool as we wish…which would you love to become the new PSP?

Image 1 and 2 I kind of wish I could call this PSP mod a ‘Black and Tan’, but the actual buttons are Fire red.

We may already be familiar with the Black PSP, but the way the controller buttons were replaced with bright red controls makes it completely stand out.

It looks extremely chic and also a bit more innovative.

Check them out and let us know which is your favorite, which Playstation Portable you can see becoming a reality and which doesn’t make you look at it even twice.

This cool PSP mod is built into a Gameboy and is most likely a design or photoshop creation rather than the real thing, but I wonder if people would prefer this shape to the current PSP.

It is after all a Gameboy handheld that many are familiar with and perhaps even preferable.

Image Credit Fans are still waiting for Sony to do more than just upgrade the capabilities of the PSP, and provide something new…i.e a PSP Phone.