Updating mythdora

Like other *buntus, Myth Buntu boots into a live CD system.

updating mythdora-47

Myth Buntu Public Alpha 3 is based on development builds of Ubuntu 7.10 "Gutsy Gibbon," and provides users with Myth TV version 0.20.1.

It is available as a 423MB ISO image via Bit Torrent download.

Myth Dora 4 is built on top of Fedora Core 6, also providing Myth TV 0.20.1, and is available (via direct download only) as a 1.0GB DVD ISO image or as two CD-sized ISO images.

Knopp Myth R5F1 is built from scratch using pieces of Knoppix 5.0 and Debian Sid; it comes with a slightly older version of Myth TV -- a patched version of 0.20 -- and is available through Bit Torrent as a 584MB ISO.

I tested all three distros on two configurations: an Intel-based test machine with both analog and digital capture cards, and a VMware virtual machine through which I captured the lovely screenshots littered about this page. The installer misconfigured X by attempting to use the disabled onboard video instead of the attached video card.

Once you burn a disc and pop it into the optical drive, all three contestants follow the same basic playbook: install the operating system, set up Myth TV's back end, then launch the Myth TV front end. Normally that is a fixable mistake, but when the live CD fails to start X and drops to single-user mode, you first must repair xorg.conf, then figure out how to resume the installation process.

Since Myth Buntu is at such a preliminary release stage, this problem will probably get fixed when upstream Gutsy Gibbon stabilizes.

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My curiosity toward Myth TV-specific distros was touched off by Myth Buntu's latest release earlier this month, Public Alpha 3.

I run Ubuntu on my primary desktop machine, and had a relatively painless experience installing Myth TV on it courtesy of the official repositories.