Updating nuvi 200 bestofonlinedating net

To the poster above, yes, you'll be able to get the 2010 maps.

Didn't know this was out either, I thought 2009 was the latest until I went to register my wifes new 265wt.

Installed it last night, it has a lot of the newer roads around me on it, such as the Ongar Distributor Road and it has more or less the full length of the M4 as far as Athlone now.

I also like how for some of the POIs it has the companys logo, for example for hotels belonging to a chain it will display the chains logo on the map.

A couple of closed down garages are still floating about on the maps also.

Although thats not essential, it's the essential things that matters.

I would be interested to know any other discreprincies people may find..Hey, Im on the verge of buying this 250W it comes with 2009 maps, will I be able to upgrade for free when it arrives?Hi, The 2010 map updates are available incase anyone did not know.I am downloading it as I write, I have the Numap guarantee scheme so I registered my new Nuvi 215 and discovered there is a 2010 update available.. Their is a few other slip roads added near the N4 to the maps also... Tallaght hospital is renamed to "Adelaide and Meath" on the 2010.10 maps compared to the 2009 for some reason?I have no idea what updates have been employed as yet.. the last one I downloaded with my nu Maps guarantee (only on the 19th of March! EDIT: Just downloading them now, and noticed there's a check box to tick to receive emails about future updates at the bottom of the page the download manager is launched from. The firhouse road (R114) has a minor update to it aswell since it was widened awhile back.Maybe someone else may be more informed then myself? Blessington co wicklow is still missing some of the new estates that were built a few years back in 2005..