Updating operating system samsung galaxy s is camille dating nick

When this problem happen or our SAMSUNG GALAXY S DUOS 2 S7582/S7580 hang then we should force soft reset or force restart for recovery and remove some temporary files or caches from out phone.

updating operating system samsung galaxy s-3

Solutions for fix SAMSUNG GALAXY S DUOS 2 S7582/S7580 problems.Duos mean dual simcard, this phone work for GSM GSM dual simcard together, so we still can received phone call at simcard 2 when the simcard 1 still online, but we need to make other phone call at call waiting while we received the one number.SAMSUNG GALAXY S DUOS 2 S7582/S7580 have 4 inches LCD screen with Dual Core processor at 1.2Ghz clock speed.This phone come with Android Jelly Bean operating system.We need to force soft reset or force reboot by open the back case and remove the battery.

Wait about 5 seconds then put again the battery at the right position.Press power button and wait until the SAMSUNG GALAXY S DUOS 2 S7582/S7580 ready to use again.By default we will get some factory default applications from Samsung include the Samsung native applications to make our work more easier when we use SAMSUNG GALAXY S DUOS 2 S7582/S7580 for daily activity.But we still can add more applications from Google Play Store, because there are hundred of applications that we can download free or need to purchase.But, because so many applications for many kind of handheld, so sometime some applications does not compatible with our SAMSUNG GALAXY S DUOS 2 S7582/S7580.These kind of applications can make our phone become trouble like hang or stuck or frozen or blank or bricks or boot loop logo or LCD touch screen not responding.