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They can be used to connect a 3G USB card as WWAN interface, which is a great idea for further network redundancy.

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Re-activating the down WAN port was seemless and a traceroute confirmed traffic resumed using the primary interface. Surprisingly, there didn't appear to be a simple option to designate which WAN port was primary or secondary.

It's possible I could have set that up with the Zy WALL 110's policy routing feature.

But that seems to be a bit complicated for such a simple task.

There are two USB ports on the front of the device.

I connected several USB thumb drives and all were detected and available to save log files, an example shown below.

802.1q VLAN interfaces can be setup on the physical interfaces, along with a DHCP server per VLAN.I successfully setup one of the LAN ports with two VLANs, connected it to a trunk port on a switch, and was able to receive an IP address from each VLAN's DHCP server.There are seven 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports on the Zy WALL 110. WAN port, or as an internal port with any of the internal interface types, i.e. The other four ports are internal ports and can be configured with any of the internal interface types.Two of the ports are labeled and dedicated as WAN ports. There is a different firewall zone for each of the port types and a different subnet for each of the internal port types.There are two dedicated WAN ports on the Zy WALL 110. With both WAN ports enabled, I ran a continuous ping to and deactivated one of the WAN ports.The router dropped one ping packet before it failed over to the backup WAN port and resumed connectivity.