Videoschat pornostar

Then again, some realities aren’t as good as the fantasy. Regardless, no matter how big your ego is, having sex with a porn star can be intimidating. And yet the chance to personally please a porn goddess (with video proof) might be very tempting.

While the winning bidder has an option to wear a mask in the scene, he must still submit two forms of government-issued identification and fill out the required 2257 paperwork, along with a model release.He will also be tested according to industry standards within days of the production. Nor is the goal sexual satisfaction—that’s just a bonus.For one day, the winning bidder gets to unleash his inner Charlie Sheen and become a porn star.With cameras trained on his every inch, a director gently guiding him through the moves, and a naked porn star at his fingertips coaxing his best performance from him, what fan wouldn’t want that?Through Adult Verified Video Chat, an online company that connects porn stars and their fans for paid Skype video chats, a new business model is surfacing. No more wishing you could feel her hot breath on your neck as she writhes in ecstasy.

What if you take a video chat one step further and make it personal? You get to go all the way, with just one little caveat: the fan won’t be able to keep the experience to himself, no matter how much he pays.

Because the fan isn’t just paying for sex; the fan is bidding to star in his very own porno for all the world to see.

Production values aside, men who pay top dollar for an escort typically want to avoid recognition—something that would be almost impossible to do on this shoot given the paper trail.

She sees this as an opportunity to prove to her fans that she isn’t faking it.

“A lot of my fans ask me if I really like it or if I was acting,” says Harper.

“They question if it was fake and I’m hoping once I work with a fan, then they’ll know I’m not faking.