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Fees include payments for content and broadcasting rights from our cable television partners.Customers are also liable for regulatory fees, franchises fees, and other similar taxes and fees issued through federal, state, and local agencies.

You can also be sure we will continue to evolve our technology and capabilities as new and improved opportunities become available.

Per our negotiated agreements with content providers, premium channels are available to Baldwin Light Stream customers at the lowest additional cost.

Please note they are not included in any package pricing and cannot be added to the Cable Stream Basic package.

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Read this to find out what the Bosque Village is: https:// Thanks!Baldwin Light Stream has made exciting enhancements to our product offering, highlighting our exceptionally advanced technology.Also please note digital music channels are included in all digital viewing packages and are not available with the Cable Stream Basic package.Please call us at 877-684-3346 for more information: Your Baldwin Light Stream cable television service includes a state-of-the art signal renowned for reliability, as well as personalized customer support.You can also upgrade your service with these options: Baldwin Light Stream bills fees and taxes imposed by content providers and government organizations.All of these charges to our customers are billed directly, without markup, and appear as line items on monthly bills.