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By Kenneth Beare There are all kinds of human relationships and these relationships will pay a role in discussions you will have.

This page will help you explore a variety of relationships including romantic relationships, your friends and family and relationships at work.

Start off by learning new vocabulary in groups and then applying that vocabulary in sentences, gap fills and conversation.

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Feel free to bring along your significant other to the party Romance - Verbshave a crush ondateflirt withgo out withbreak up withlive togethermarry / get married Examples: Peter flirted with Maria during the class.Helen went out with Andrea for more than three years. Friends / Enemies - Verbscompete withget along withhit it off withgang up ontrust / distrusthang out with Examples: Peter and Alan hit it off at the meeting last week. Family - Verbsget along withrebel againstargue withhave a good relationship withobey / disobeypunishemulatelook up to Examples: She looks up to her father. Each word or phrase is used only, blood, nemesis, friendship, love, crush, casual, distant, unrequited love, acquaintance, steady, business partner Love is very different from _______.Friends / Enemies - Peoplegood / close / best friendenemycompanionacquaintanceplatonic relationshiprivalnemesis Examples: We're not dating. The children disobeyed their parents and were punished. If you've got a _______ on someone you can't wait to see them.If it's just an ________ you can probably wait until tomorrow, or the day after.These are often similar to those used when speaking about romantic relationships.

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One thing is for sure: You'll probably see your ______ relatives every day! - Use a verb to fill in the blanks in the sentences.

Luckily, you don't need to see your _______ relatives quite as often, though. Remember to conjugate the verb depending on the situation, and don't forget your prepositions!

When it comes to business, you'll probably see your _________ daily, but you'll stay away from ________ as often as you can. I've heard from a number of people who have experienced _____________, and they're never the same! For example, if you've had a _______ date, do you want to go out again?

By Kenneth Beare This dating and marriage vocabulary guide provides common expressions used in English to speak about romance, going out and getting married including the verbs, nouns and idioms used with these expressions.