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It’s a competitor to Match, and it’s traffic barely registers.

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Perhaps they kick people off who are not serious, but it should happen in the signup process, and it doesn’t, at least that I could see.It feels like POF without the ads and a cleaner design, which has it’s positives.The first date feature needs a lot of work, asking how long people think a first date should be is useless. Plentyof Fish is launched a paid dating site because they have hit the revenue ceiling on free dating.To continue to grow, they need to get subscription dollars.

Serious daters don’t really factor into e Vow at all.If they want to pay, they will take the money and not block them if they are not “serious daters.” I was able to join and say that I am not a serious dater, so where is the filter?Make it a text field and let people expose some of their personality, something that POF never really understood, so it shouldn’t surprise us when they don’t get it on e Vow.Markus says over 100,000 people joined in the first week.That’s an incredible number, hard to comprehend that it happened organically.Another new site that popped up is e Harmony’s Jazzed.