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There are thousands of drug dealers who profit everyday of the fact that drugs like marijuana are illegal.

In order to get marijuana, even for medical purposes, you have to deal with these (sometimes) shady characters.

As long as the Governments of the world continue to be stupid and keep weed illegal, we will always have to deal with these guys.

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All of these strains usually have crazy names like Acapulco Platinum Haze or something wild like that. The Part Time Hustler – This is the guy that you can only catch at certain times in the day. He’s the one that will tell you he’s not available and he’ll call you back in 20 minutes. He will have you waiting all day and then when you finally get tired of waiting and decide to call him, he’s not picking up. You still get it but you are pissed that you couldn’t get it when you originally wanted.

Money is Money – The guy that will give you a dime for .75. You know if you call him between the hours of 12pm-6pm he will be available but if you try to get him any other time, he just won’t pick up the phone at all. Gift Giver – This is the guy that makes you smoke up in order to get the weed. The Sleezball – The one that will exchange weed for sexual favors and isn’t ashamed about it.

He sees money as money so will hook you up with deals every now and then. Sometimes that’s cool because you get some weed and he smokes you up, but sometimes you just want to grab some and go because you have things like work or something to go to. Buddy Buddy – The ones that want to become your friend. The Infomercial – The hustlers that falsely advertise to you. You can always rely on him to have good bags, good prices, and he is consistent. You can move away and move back and he will still be there.

Now you will know what you are dealing with when getting your weed.

Shady – This is the guy that tells you in order to get it you have to meet him two blocks down, around the corner, through an alleyway, and on the fire escape, just to get a dime.

The Aggressor – The hustlers are the ones that advertise way too much.They will run up to you if they see you on the street just to tell you about the newest, strongest strain they have. He wants you to come by yourself and will never tell you what his real name is.Wellington: The latest trend among singles seems to be weed dating where one can approach their potential lovers whilst sweating out in the fields of weed.The weed dating event was recently held at the Rahui Kahika Reserve in Titirangi, west Auckland to encourage potential couples to discover if romance could blossom while pulling weeds from the reserve, nz reported.Eco West designer Chloe Waretini had organized the event with the message ‘make love, and war on weeds.’ The event was organized as part of the annual Eco West festival, but Waretini said that she was hoping to make weed-dating a regular event amongst singles.We all have to deal with them whether we like it or not.