Who does naruto end up dating

Shonen Jump has released the final two Naruto chapters on the same week.

Chapter 699 showcased the direct aftermath of the Sasuke/Naruto fight and revealed that Sasuke has been pardoned for his crimes thanks to the new Hokage, Kakashi.

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Hinata’s daughter says that next time they should come with her brother.We also see Rock Lee with his son, training harder than ever.Ten Ten is the owner of her own weapons shop and complains that she can’t sell much because the world is too peaceful lately.All the while, a young girl with glasses stares at the two in disgust.Ino’s daughter, Inojin, tells Choji’s daughter, Chouchou, that their Ino Shika Chou training is today but Chou Chou says she has training with Anko.

Chou Chou ignores Inojin and walks away to the disgust of Shikadai.

The next page is at the graveyard where Hinata and her daughter put sunflowers on Neji’s grave.

Well, let’s dive right into Chapter 700, the final chapter, of Naruto.

And check out the slideshow above to see the gang all grown up!

The final chapter starts in Konoha inside the school for the students who would become Genin.

We see Shino teaching his class -- in his new duds. Another young student, who looks like Shikamaru and is called Shikadai, calls the young man Bolt and tells him there is a Gokage meeting in the village and they can’t possibly pull a prank with so many police around.