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[...] it will not be the album title unless i decide to confuse everybody and come up with an album title that will throw EVERYBODY...'nashville blues'in which case shoot me [ [ As a side note: The song will not be on the album, but has been released on the "Peace (for Mom)" compilation released by Brainwashed Recordings.

Palmer confirmed to the Boston Phoenix in April 2007 that the album was indeed titled "Who Killed Amanda Palmer", although another working title was "That's Amanda Fucking Palmer to You." She joked that the latter was unlikely to encourage being stocked at notably conservative media chain "A lot of the songs are piano ballads that never found a home on a Dolls' record, because I hadn't wanted to overload the record with slow material.

But there's a really intense, exciting energy to the tracks at the same time.

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This post was submitted by Zack Rosen I don’t normally care who is dating whom in the world of the quasi-famous, but this one is pretty exciting: Bisexual Dresden Dolls member, and talented solo musician, Amanda Palmer has become engaged to Coraline author Neil Gaiman.

The former’s PR company reports that Palmer is “overjoyed” about this, probably because she has now become one half of my ideal dinner party company.

And can you even imagine what their sex life would be like?

We’re talking about the union of the people responsible for Sandman and Coin Operated Boy. Way to make us look boring and ordinary, Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman.

But I also wish you the best of freakishly-talented luck in your life together.

2012 - Several Attempts to Cover Songs by The Velvet Underground and Lou Reed 2012 - An Evening With Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer filezpro | uploaded 2012 - Theatre Is Evil (feat.