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There was nothing very authentic in the media so I wanted to interview as many women as I could about their solutions to various problems and put it online, like a public service almost.

I collected these interviews and we eventually turned it into a series.

But probably the most surprising thing about Amanda, given her effect on men, is the fact that she’s very much a woman’s woman.

‘I have The daughter of 1970s racing driver Alain de Cadenet and his wife Anna, a former model, Amanda was just nine and her brother Alex seven when her parents divorced, and a lack of attention at home combined with plenty of attention from less-than-suitable sources spelt trouble for the teenage Amanda.‘I went from being able to walk down the street and be ignored to hitting puberty and having men whistle at me,’ she says.‘I was an insecure young girl and it felt good to have attention, even though it was inappropriate.’ ‘Externally, I looked like a messed-up teen, but internally I knew I needed help.After their divorce, she married again (her husband is Nick Valensi, guitarist of US rock band The Strokes, with whom she has six-year-old twins, daughter Ella and son Silvan) and after a brief stint as an actress and a successful career behind the camera as a photographer for Vogue and Vanity Fair among others, Amanda, now 40, is emerging from almost two decades of relative anonymity to position herself in the public eye once more. It’s co-executive-produced by Demi Moore, who has been a close friend of Amanda’s for several years (‘I can spend hours with her on the phone having a laugh’), and has already been a success in the States.‘I always said you couldn’t pay me to go back on TV,’ says Amanda.

Amanda is a warm and engaging interviewer, encouraging her guests to talk intimately about everything from sex, love, children and money to divorce and depression.

Jane Fonda admits that, ‘I went for seven years with no sex and when I started again it was not easy,’ while Lady Gaga says of her past cocaine habit: ‘There’s this romanticism around drugs, that it’s sexy or artistic…when really, you’re just a loser wasting time.’‘My friends and I talked about everything: how to juggle the many aspects of a modern woman’s life such as being a wife and a mother and managing a career; body image issues; health issues; financial challenges, and I looked for honest stories about these issues.

starry marriages, former wild child Amanda de Cadenet has had a charmed life, or so it seems.

Here she tells Lina Das how a childhood in care, abusive relationships and depression have helped her to empathise with the women she interviews for her new TV show She was a symbol of the times – the posh beauty with bee-stung lips and blonde hair who became famous, essentially, for being famous, presenting the fabulously chaotic Channel 4 ‘yoof’ show The Word, bagging all the best-looking men and making the rest of us green with envy.

Wherever she was, the paparazzi were never far away, photographing her dancing on tables in nightclubs or consorting with her various boyfriends who included – in ascending order of beauty – actor Keanu Reeves, model Nick Kamen and Duran Duran’s John Taylor.

It was for her that the phrase ‘wild child’ was coined.