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Shaun says: “It’s like a limitless bag of tricks [for the writer]: ‘Oh, here’s an old don now! I think Russell uses it very well and it works best when this whole world is created for an audience.“Each episode is quite self-contained like that – different worlds.

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While he’s anything but an over-sharer, shunning Facebook and Twitter, Shaun doesn’t hesitate to say he’s delighted with series three of Endeavour, which comprises four feature-length films.“It’s really good,” he says, in ITV’s central London headquarters.

“It means we’ve had longer to work on the scripts, and that sort of thing.” Does it mean you can do more work on your performance I suggest (not that he needs it).“We talk about it constantly during the year when we’re all on different things, just so you know where the stories are kind of at.

It means there’s more time for it to percolate, which is always a good thing.”Life is very different for Morse at the start of this series.

Like his famous detective character Endeavour Morse, Shaun Evans is something of an enigma.

It’s not that the 35-year-old actor won’t reveal anything, it’s just that he’s careful with his choice of words, often pausing mid-thought to make sure he’s saying exactly what he means.

What is clear though is that ITV couldn’t have found a better actor to play the young Morse, in both talent and presence.Shaun works extremely hard, respects his audience and has a high level of professionalism.He’s living in a wooden shack, outside Oxford, suspended from the force, filling his time darning his own socks and chopping wood, like a man who has never used an axe before.In fact, he behaves like a completely different character.“Well, that’s how it should be,” says Shaun.“Because he’s not a police officer, he’s exploring a different side of himself.My feeling was that his indecision should be reflected in his whole look – the hair, clothes, everything. Everything has to keep moving forward in Endeavour, otherwise it will stagnate.”Details of Morse’s posh student background are also revealed for the first time, via his old Oxford pals.