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Brian Mc Knight needs to be stripped of any award, accolade, Hollywood star, certificate of recognition, perfect attendance star, and any other honor he’s been given ever in life because this man just doesn’t know when to quit.

The FADER has reached out to a rep for Travis Scott for more information.Speaking to Billboard in May, Scott revealed more about the inspiration behind the follow-up to 2015 album Rodeo."My next album, Birds in the Trap Sing Mc Knight is basically about all my friends and growing up here [in Missouri City].Brian Mc Knight had sense enough not to show his face in the NSFW video below but he failed to tell his boys being surrounding by a bunch of white chicks in bikinis while rapping about giving them rug burns while having sex on the carpet was not a good look.Although in all fairness if they weren’t singing about, this really would be just another regular rap video.

Either way, Brian is still in the running for worst dad of the year.

I really hope this is just a mid-life crisis phase he’s going through, although unfortunately his sons still don’t have a chance.

Travis Scott will release his new project Birds In The Trap Sing Brian Mc Knight in less than two weeks.

The long awaited release has been teased by Scott for some weeks now but appears to be ready and will be released on August 5.

That's what Scott told fans at his show in Cony Island last night.

Scott was playing the Ford Amphitheater when he made the announcement.