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As are Mr&Madame Thenardier, Marius, Cosette and Enjolras.

The videos she creates (on topics as diverse as exam stress, handling school bullies and how to pee in a onesie) have been viewed nearly fifty million times.Carrie is currently playing the role of Eponine in at the Queen’s Theatre in London’s West End and received the 2014 Whats On Stage Award for Best Takeover in a Role.She lives just outside of London with numerous fictional friends that she keeps on bookshelves, just in case.That made it dry quite straight with a bit of a curl.Then when I was older and went to a hair dresser, I would ask him to straighten my hair properly which would take about two hours due to how much hair I have and how much it wanted to naturally curl.

Then one day he didn’t have time to straighten my hair as he had another appointment after me so he said “Can we leave your hair as it naturally is today?

” I walked out of the hair dressers with my hair as it is now. Not only do I play Eponine but up until Eponine appears about 40 minutes into Act One, I’m part of the ensemble.

Carrie’s first book, All I Know Now, is published in April 2015.


I am an Actress/Singer/Songwriter, Truly Scrumptious in the UK tour of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang from May 4th and author of Sunday Times Bestseller "All I Know Now".

Hope you like my blog and if you have any questions... When I was younger my mum used to brush and blow dry my hair when I’d washed it.