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Sajid insisted that their relationship started only after Divya's death and he even suggested that Tabu had accepted his lingering feelings for his dead wife.

If they ever got married, he added, she would have to deal with the fact that she was the second woman in his life.

Tabu was fond of Sajid but she was not willing to play second fiddle to anyone, even if it was her late friend!

But when it came to love, she has been very unlucky.Blame it on her own indecisiveness or bad choices, Tabu's off-screen conduct is in sharp contrast with her strong image in reel life.She could never really commit to Sajid Nadiadwala, the man she got involved with after her relationship with actor Sanjay Kapoor ended; ironically the next man in her life, married south actor Nagarjuna, ended because he couldn't commit to her...HER RELATIONSHIP WITH SAJIDThey Almost Get Married Tabu found herself in a complex situation when she fell in love with producer Sajid Nadidadwala in the '90s.The couple wasn't forthcoming about their relationship initially because Sajid was still dealing with the loss of his first wife Divya Bharti and the nasty accusations that followed.

He signed Tabu for his first home production Jeet and that's when they got close.The actress, it's said, once broke down in a radio interview when she was quizzed about her relationship with Sajid.However, a few weeks after that, the duo came out in the open about their affair.The Divya Bharti Factor In an interview early on in their relationship, Sajid mentioned that it was not love at first sight for them as it had been reported.On the contrary, they had gradually developed feelings for each other.Tabu was a close friend of Divya's and the two would often meet up.