Who is freida pinto currently dating

They're often a couple onscreen as well—when you spend all day pretending to be in love with someone, you may end up Becoming the Mask. The point of the trope is that behind the scenes the two fall for each other.

The Muse is a Sub-Trope, which is about a male movie director falling in love with his lead actress.

Cast Incest is another subtrope, namely the first type where the couple met while playing relatives, which adds a level of Squick before further thought reveals that it's no different from any other role.

She also worked lace-up flats and a dainty choker necklace.

The first daughters are visiting Morocco with their mom as part of Let Girls Learn, a government initiative aimed at helping adolescent girls around the world get the education they may otherwise be denied.

As the first lady explained upon touching down in Africa on Monday, "This is the special girl-power unit of the Obama household.

A pair of performers fall in love while working together, possibly even getting married and/or having kids over time.

This happens quite a bit in Hollywood and is prime tabloid fodder.

Such relationships seem to have a high breakup rate, but there are some long-lasting marriages that started this way.What is actually being filmed is largely irrelevant.THE MINDY PROJECT is a new single-camera comedy from Emmy Award-nominated writer/producer and New York Times best-selling author Mindy Kaling ("The Office") that follows a woman who, despite having a successful career, desperately needs to break bad habits in her personal life.PHOTOS: Malia and Sasha Obama's First Daughter Style Going for a boho vibe, Sasha, who's a rising sophomore currently on summer vacation, rocked a black high-low dress with a pink-and-white floral print, plus a ruffled hemline.She accessorized the style with ankle-strap sandals.And last but not least, Malia, who just announced that she's taking a gap year before attending Harvard University in the fall of 2017, opted for a navy-blue jumpsuit over a striped blouse.