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Things were so hard back then that I had to selling cheap clothes to my friends in school just to survive, That memory makes me laugh compared to my life now” he recounted.

Sending a note of warning to actors that are stereotyped and known for playing the same role in all movies, he opined that what makes a good actor is being creative and diverse.

“What makes one a good actor is the ability to interpret any kind of role you are been given so one needs to b diverse.

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The industry is now big enough to accommodate everyone as long as you are good.These days we see different upcoming acts in every movie even playing lead roles and that’s a good sign” When quizzed about why he hasn’t embraced into Politics like his counterparts, “Not everyone will be in politics besides we already have too many people representing and I don’t even like the game of politics.My prayer is that all my colleagues vying for any post will get because we need change and I believe it will come.” Unlike Nse Ikpe Etim who recently claimed celebrities should not be seen as role models saying “ I do not think any celebrity is a role model, my role model is my mother.I think that the family unit is where you should get everything you want”, Nonso opines that they should be seen as role models.Actor Nonso Diobi, who began his foray into the movie industry in 2001 and has featured in over 60 movies ever since, has revealed that he had it rough as a kid.

In an exclusive interview with Ynaija, the Nollywood star revealed that he won’t stop working hard till he features in a Hollywood movie and gets an Oscar award.“Growing up was tough, it was filled with challenges because i didn’t come from a rich family, I struggled through everything.In my family we have to work to get what we wanted and because my mum is a strong woman she never gave up on us.“Yes especially those ones that are making positive waves.Everyone has his or her own celeb they love so it’s a good thing making them your role models but only imitate the good things.” Clearing the air on the misconception of his marital status, the actor disclosed that he is yet to be married.“Well I don’t want to rush into it because it is a lifetime contract.