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Jeffrey Tambor, John Michael Higgins, Jennifer Coolidge and Fred Willard are helping Direc TV revive its popular “Empty Cable Suit” commercials from 2008 for the cable provider’s latest ad campaign, “Cable Corp.” In “Merger,” the first commercial airing Thursday, Tambor’s character announces Cable Corp’s partnership with Cable World in order to take on Direc TV.

The campaign aims to highlight the benefits of Direc TV — a member of the AT&T family since July — over cable.

“We know that Direc TV is better at this whole TV thing, so to beat them, we’re going to get bigger and we’re going to merge with Cable World,” he tells the board.

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The show's eight 30-minute episodes premiere today and follow a highly inexperienced space ship crew as they journey through outer space.

It's Feig's first TV series since MILANA VAYNTRUB: The regular audition route. And then they brought me back again to read for Tina, which is the part I ultimately ended up playing.<br> Yeah.

I knew the casting director because I had gone in a few times for her before and I love her.

Can you cook something so we have a reason for him to come over? We proposed that he would be on our show and they made it happen.

It was also season one with George Clooney and he was amazing. He was like, "Yeah, I'll come over for a playdate." I was like, "Mom! They were doing a promotion and they wanted to make some videos.

I played Tatiana, a little Russian girl with AIDS who Julianna Margulies tried to adopt. One of the characters set up hidden cameras around the school and he caught me eating and burping. And I didn't even really have to burp but I practiced my burps for a long time before that. But they had a really great theater program so I just took theater classes so I could not go crazy and keep myself busy. We got a hookup through You Tube and Water.org, which was his nonprofit.

I love astronomy and thinking about the nothingness of the everythingness of space. We can really create the world we live in from scratch and none of it needs to be based in any kind of reality. The whole episode took place in a hidden camera kind of setup. I went to UC San Diego and I didn't really like the school or anything. Or they've been a fan for a while and they're really supportive of the commercials.

“Now that we have merged with Cable World, we are so excited to hear your big ideas and how we are going to take on Direct TV,” says Tambor.

Ideas, however, are scarce, since the entire board was up late partying.

In 2008, “Empty Cable Suit” introduced us to Higgins in his role as a clueless cable exec.

, a futuristic sci-fi comedy show created by Paul Feig. I was just happy because they kept bringing me back! " My mom and I were both just goo-goo-gaga over him. I've also worked with Brad and Angelina, but just socially.