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His job is to prove to you why you should allow him in to your world. You are FABULOUS I am not writing this to imply that by following this simple list you will emerge a singing Care Bear. Life does that now…By making the CHOICE to do different in order to feel different.

Here I sit, in the almost-morning of December 31, not sleepy, not quite wide awake. Year ends are always so inexplicably sad, like the ends of relationships, or like slowly realising that time, no matter how hard you try, doesn't stand still.

Wonderful enough that we wound up in bed a few dates later. I was visibly shocked, I made up an excuse and I left, though not before knocking over 3 chairs. Or mention the single dreaded word, “menstruation”. Her eyes are too close together.” I recently heard a man tell his friend, “I couldn’t stand the way her elbows sagged.” WELL MEN, we reserve the right to not like your funny looking penis that your mom has chosen to unleash on unknowing women! We went on a couple of dates and everything was going wonderful. Next time you find yourself with a man you’d rather not see naked, sneeze and cough then feign dizziness. Always remain a lady and leave them wishing they had you, not why they should be glad they don’t. You’re 36 which makes you old enough to know how to finesse yourself out of a situation.But suppose, for a moment, I hadn't been born, or even concieved. Then I really wouldn't exist and it would be someone different occupying my space, someone equally loved and it wouldn't be .

But, pushing depressing thoughts like these out of my mind, I look back at this year--perhaps the most up-and-down year I've ever had in my entire life.

January: I was with K, we were extremely happy, I was getting a little restless in my job.

He’ll freak and you’re off the hook and outside hailing a cab. You are allowed to have a preference for whatever you want to. We reserve the right to think you are awesome but your “member” is not and so you must be demoted to “friend” or “associate”.

And it does not have to be a pickle in a turtleneck. At the very least, we reserve the right to not have to touch it. But next time, exit a bit more gracefully Understand your power and the beauty of who you are.

They are not my on my list of must-haves and I applaud the women who have to stare that thing in the “eye” because they’ve unfortunately married it! Set standards for yourself and hold people to them.

Stop being scared to ask men to stand up and be men. Remember the sparkle of your crown and make him work for you. I don’t spend my days levitating but I no longer need pills to make me feel like I am.