Xbmc library not updating movies

If you see the correct one, simply select it and the mapping will update. This will write your mappings to it's configuration file. If you add a show to XBMC, you will need to re-run the setup script.

However, the setup script will read your previous mappings, so you should only need to update the newest items, which are typically at the bottom of the list.

It will also run much faster, as it won't look up all of your shows again.

In the current Dharma release, there is the HTTP API (deprecated) and the JSON-RPC API.

In a few weeks, with the next release (you can also download the nightly build, but beware of bugs) - the is a updated JSON-RPC API:

This is free software released under version 3 of the GPL License. This is XBMAL, The XBMC My Anime List Updater Plugin. If you can code in python and want to help with the coding side of things, go ahead and fork the project. If you're installing from the repository, skip the next paragraph. This will take a while, particularly with a large library, so now is a good time to go grab a sandwich. Now you have to go through each show listed and be sure that the mapping it guessed is correct.

It's still in the early stages and can't quite do everything I want it to yet, but it does work with an XBMC TV Library to update non-specials on MAL. About half of the time, it probably will be, but there are a few that will almost certainly be wrong.

I'm serious, I can't be sure this won't break things, although it works fine for my list. When you select XBMAL, you should see the addon information page. Once you select it, it will go through your entire XBMC TV show library and try to guess the appropriate MAL mapping. You should now see a list of items that looks similar to the following: Except it will have your shows instead of the generic strings I used above.

Set your MAL username and password in the appropriate boxes. It's the one with the big, blue, "My Anime List" icon. Go to the addons screen (whereever all of your installed addons are listed, this varies from skin to skin), and select XBMAL.Most notably, almost everything with multiple seasons (denoted by S) will not have the correct mapping. A new menu should show up with all of the search results from MAL for the particular show. Whenever a video stops playing (it reaches the end or the user hits stop), the script will run and update your watching, completed, and plan to watch lists appropriately.If you have any of these, you can submit an issue or you can stop by the xbmc thread for xbmal, or you can even check out the myanimelist thread for xbmal. We only provide an automated index for Kodi users to have easy access to XBMC Library Auto Update and other addons for Kodi.We are not affiliated with the developers (robweber) and do not provide help for this particular addon.